Vijay Shah General Hospital – Hainault Zone





So you ate a bad curry/tamale/dim sum/gazpacho and you need to head to the A&E. Well, come over to Vijay Shah General Hospital and we’ll fix you up. While your stomach is getting purged of Ilford High Road’s finest, have a look at the above sign. Made on the RoadTrafficSigns website on the 2nd of February 2019, the sign alerts arrivals that they are entering the Hainault Zone and rooms 2501-3000. Using the site’s patented HighwayC typeface makes use of a yellow and black colour scheme reminiscent of a New York taxi cab… or an angry wasp.

Hainault is part of the borough of Redbridge in the eastern side of Greater London. A largely rural area, steeped in ye olde Essex vibes, it is mostly residential and is in the same part of the woods as Barkingside, which we explored yesterday. It is home to a forest and woodlands. Find out more here.


File name: 18 x 12 Add Your Custom Parking Lot Message with Additional Instructions and Text 6
Sign type: Parking lot/car park sign
Source: RoadTrafficSigns


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